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General information:

Novokuznetsk is the largest city of Kemerovo region with the population of 564 000 citizens. It is one of the oldest cities in Siberia, its history started in 1603, but the status of the city Kuznetsk got in 1622.

Modern Novokuznetsk is one of the important metallurgical and coal-mining centres of Russia. The metallurgical complex is added by chemical – pharmaceutic, civil – engineering, food and light industries.

In 2009 Russian edition of the magazine “Forbes” appropriates  Novokuznetsk the 27 place in rating of “30 best cities for business”.

Historical places:

Spaso-Preobragensky cathedral, a historical and architectural monument, was originally built in 1621. During its four-hundred-year history the cathedral was badly destroyed several times. Now it is restored and holds services.

There is also a literature – memorial museum in the house where Dostoevsky rented a room many years ago. In 1996 it was opened a permanent exposition “Dostoevsky in Kuznetsk” built on the principles of plot – image method. In Russia only Moscow and Vladimir have the same expositions.

The core of old Kuznetsk is Stone Fortress erected on Ascension mountain in 1798-1820 for protection of the territory when there was a danger from the side of China. In 1991 Kuznetsk Fortress became a museum. After the reconstruction it has become a real architectural complex which gives an opportunity to come back in past and feel the connection of times. You can see an impressive view of the whole city from Ascension mountain where the Fortress stands.

Distinguished peculiarities:

Novokuznetsk has a bright specific character, an individual image and mighty potential. Nowadays, apart from industrial function, the sphere of service has been becoming the central one in the city. Slowly but obviously Novokuznetsk has been becoming one of the centre not only internal but international tourism.

Every year in the south capital of Kuzbass we have an International specialized exhibition of mining development technologies “Coal of Russia and mining”. It is not only demonstration of opportunities of modern technologies, natural samples and the latest developments, it is also unique information field and place where producers, customers, specialists and scientists get together.

The foundation of cultural potential in our city is jazz club “Helicon” opened in 1984. For many years it has been holding International festival “Jazz at Old Fortress”. A lot of outstanding Russian and foreign musicians take part in it.

Besides, there is also Cultural-methodic centre “Planetarium”, the unique institution, the largest one in Siberia and the second one in Russia, with combine optic-mechanical and digital projecting which gives an unrepeated effect of audience’ s presence in space.

The city has the Institute of business development, one of the leading provider of service on teaching staff in Novokuznetsk and in the south of Kuzbass.

Climatic conditions.

The weather in Novokuznetsk is rather unpredictable. The climate here is sharply continental. Though the average annual temperature is from minus 17 degrees to plus 17 degrees, sometimes there are unpleasant surprises. Winter temperature can fall down to minus 50 and in summer it can be plus 35. It is explained by the zone of junction of Kuznetsk basin with the mountains of Kuznetsk Alatau, Shoria and Salair.

It is not difficult for our guests to put up with heat in Siberia but they should take warm clothes for winter trips.

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